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When we first met 😍

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Even though my wife and I went to the same school, we actually did not start dating until both of us graduated. She always claims to have liked me in undergrad, but I honestly can’t remember her ever showing any interest in me. Post college, she and I started talking thanks to a mutual friend DJ Don Jr (Chris Nelson.) He connected the dots and found a way to get both us to start communicating towards the end of 2012. During a couple of months of talking and hanging out I knew I had to officially make her mine.

Fast forward to our first date. I gave her the option to pick a place to eat and her response was, “Let’s just go to Applebee’s. It’s right across the street and its happy hour right now.” The fact that our first date was at Applebee's made me fall in love with even more. Our meal cost less than $20 so you know that was a win. She even pulled out her wallet to try to pay for her portion. That made me realize that she was very independent and was not expecting anything at all which made me want to give her everything. By no means am I saying I was cheap, because by now I had an engineering degree, but seeing how she was considerate of that fact made me feel good.

Our First Date was at AppleBee's

After we ate we came back and watched the whole yes WHOLE Twilight Saga. We stayed up all night and just talked about how we didn't date in undergrad and how we barely crossed each other’s paths.

The next month or so we talked on off not making anything official until I posted the infamous picture on IG. Although we weren’t “official” it was at this moment that I knew she was mine. We were perfect for one another.

The time I spent with Kourt grew more and more until we made it official on January 21, 2013.

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