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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.

So the woman who is NOW my wife and I have dated for 7 years, and every single day has been amazing. Having someone that supports all your dreams is a blessing! This post is geared towards asking yourself if she’s the one and the steps I took to get here myself. Of course I always loved my wife, but during the first 5 years of dating I didn’t know if I was ready to become married…

Guys: trust me, its normal!

Like I said, I loved her. But I was nervous about marriage for some reason. It’s not like we were not financially stable, but it was more the commitment to one person that weighed heavy on me.

So as time moved on, the stress of marriage started to weigh on me. My wife also started to pressure me more, my parents started to pressure me more and my friends and associates also started to pressure me more. I will say this: if you are not happy with yourself, no amount of pressure will convince you to be ready for that commitment. I was dealing with mild depression at that time, because I was in a job that I absolutely hated! This drove me away from my wife emotionally, so talks of marriage were the absolute farthest thing from my mind. I was able to temporarily remedy that by finding another job, but only problem was that it meant I had to move 675 miles away from her.

So once I moved I figured, at the time, that what I thought was a better job would finally make me feel ready to marry right?!


I still didn’t propose. It wasn’t until I had another breakdown, that I started to notice that it wasn’t the job that was going to make me happy. It was my wife. She was the main factor of my de-stressing and when the breakdown happened, she sat there with me and prayed over me.

When that was all said and done, I had time to think back. And remembered that all the times when I was stressed and needed help, she was always there! Of course there were other reasons why she was perfect for me, but this particular moment was pivotal to my decision and I suddenly needed to do it ASAP.

This is where the fun part happens: how I should propose? Now I knew I wanted to marry her and also got confirmation from her parents. So all that was left, was for me to make it happen. BUT I had no idea whatsoever how to do all that.

I honestly couldn’t think of anything at all, until once again my wife saved the day unknowingly. We were out for lunch one day and she asked me, if we can go to the movies. Movies have always been a big part of our relationship because we watch movies all the time. But at this particular moment I knew YES; this is how I will propose to her!

Now with that said, the planning began. First I had to find a movie theater in Birmingham that was willing to allow me to rent it out for the day. I also had to find a movie that she would be somewhat interested in. And then I also had to convince her AND our whole families to attend. Yes I know it’s a lot! But it had to be done, lol.

Luckily I found a theater that was willing to work with me and the process began. When everything was planned, all that was left to do was to trick her into getting her nails done (GUYS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT GIRLS WANT THEIR NAILS DONE) and then convince her to go to the movies that night. While planning our parent’s arrival to Birmingham, and her thinking I was still in Houston. Somehow I was able to get everything to work like I wanted.

So now everything was set up, all that was left was the final act: for her to arrive and me proposing. So it went like… Well, it would be better to show you so look at the video!

At this moment I knew she was the one, the time was exactly right and everything was in place.

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