• Adeola Odutola

is there any such thing as overdressed? 😰

The short answer is no. as i stated earlier fashion is a representation of you, and if you want to turn heads you can its a free world. anyone you can think who is successful has always stepped outside of the box. peep below at some examples who i take my inspiration from.

Kanye West

Kanye West is the original fashion Gawd as far as a nlack presence go. who has always pushed the boiusnderires on what is acceptable in fashion as far as the black community goes.

Asap Rocky

Last person as far as my fashion inspriation has to go to Asap Rock in my opinion has alwasy been someone that was bold in his fashion statement. always pushing the envolope in the male fashion industry. he most certainly has given credit to kanye who was one of the original people to step out with his fashion presence.

Asap Rocky

Last inspration goes to the fashion Goat Pharrel Williams. truly embodies everything i strive to be.

Pharrell Williams

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