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I think i'm turning Japanese ^__^

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I think I’m turning Japanese! WOW what can I say about Japan besides how amazing it is. I have now been to Japan 3 TIMES, and every time is always better than the last. Before I dive in please look at some pictures from my visits there.

Of course the most important about visiting Japan is the food. Everyone wants to know what to eat when they visit. There are a ton of things that Japan as to offer, but you definitely have to keep an open mind especially if you are not familiar with their culture. Below you can find some of the things my wife and I really enjoyed eating during our stay.

So this picture below is a diagram of the main dishes Japan usually promotes.

Next up is the fashion! They have some of the most grailed stores here in Tokyo. For me, being a fashion enthusiast, every time I visit I am instantly inspired by the various fashion trends Japan always incorporates. For anyone into fashion this is a MUST SEE to gain inspiration.

The next few pictures were taken from the Instagram page @TokyoFashion. Please check them out to see interesting combinations from the streets of Japan.

Lastly, is the culture of Japan. From the anime to the technology as well as the history, Japan gives you so much to offer and really take in and enjoy. The next few pictures you will see me discuss different attractions my wife and I were able to experience.

The next pictures were not taken by me but are other attractions also in Japan that offer an amazing experience.

Senso-ji Temple


Tokyo Tower

Shibuya Crossing

I have attached our itinerary for this trip for your reference. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at info@africanhipster.com. If you happen to explore Japan for yourself, please share some of your pictures as well as your experiences with me.

Japan Itinerary

Things to bring Materials

Bring Alcohol



Portable Charger

Bring Alcohol



Portable Charger

Japan Trains

JR Yamanote Line

Shinjuku Line

Shibuya Line

Food Options

Sushiro Conveyer Belt

Burger King Fondo

Fettuccini gummies

Sushi Katsu

Crab Miso

Takoyaki (SO GOOD)

Kappa Sushi Itabashi

Yakitori bunraku (food)


Freshness burger (Shinjuku)


Bio Ojiyan Cafe (apple cinnamon milk tea)

Cafe & Bar Ganguro

Optional Attractions

Takao Baijo Promenade

Sensoji Temple (nakamise Rd in asakusa)

Ameyoko (Thrift shops, mom and pops) between Ueno & okachimachi cheapest to buy shoes and Atlantic wear.

Shinobazu pond

Ueno Park

Akihabra electric town gate

Umegaoka sushi no midori sohonten (shibuya)

Pokemon cafe (January to March)

Tokyo tower.

Sky tree Restaurant

Kimono Experience – (Photo-shoot traditional kimonos)

Saturday March 12 (Shibuya)

1. Arrive in Japan at 12:50 pm (hit 7-11 in Japan)

2. Head out the house 4:00 pm

3. Hit Up Shibuya

4. Hachiko Crossing/ Hachiko Lovable Dog

5. The Harbs in Shibuya Hikarie

6. Find Some good Ramen to eat

7. Walk around take of the lights

8. Hit up a local Bar in Japan (Later That Night)

Sunday March 13 (Shinjuku)

1. Leave house at 9:00 am

2. Shinjuku Garden Gyoen National Garden $2.00

3. Traditional Temple Visit

4. Asakusa Kagetsudo - Traditional Temple

5. Sky Tree (possibly eat at restaurant)

6. Sushi Dai (Best sushi in Japan)

7. Explore Shinjuku

8. Nekton Broadway (Tokyo, Japan)

9. Shinjuku Garden Gyoen National Garden

10. Green Suit Photo Shoot

11. Come Back Change hit up Bar

Monday March 14 (Akihabara)

1. 7:30 am run

2. Leave house 9:00 am

3. Shopping Day

4. Gundam Cafe (Akihabara) SO DOPE!

5. Yakiniku (all you can eat, Tabehoudai)

6. Tokyo Anime Center

7. Harajuko Takeshita Street (Shibuya)

8. Yoyogi Park (Shibuya)

9. Dance Club

March 15 (couples day)

1. 7:30 am run

2. Inokashira Park, Kichijoji Station, Tokyo Rowing Boat

3. Uno Park Night Life

4. Sakura Tree Behind Godzilla Statue, Central Tokyo Yurakucho

5. Jet Lag Day

March 16 (Rural Visit)

1. 7:30 am run

2. Yokohoma/Rural Japan

3. Landscape viewing

4. Relax Day

March 17 (possibly Roppongi)

1. 7:30 am run

2. All Shopping Day

3. Random freestyle for all day

4. Bar Hop

5. Sky Tree Restaurant

March 18

1. 7:30 am run

2. Explore City

3. Robot Cafe That night 7:20 pm show starts at 7:50 (Be there at 7)

4. Bar Spot

5. Night Club Turn Up (WOMB Buy a Booth)

March 19 (Birthday Turn UP!)

1. Grab breakfast 8:00am

2. Leave house at 10:00 am (Flight 2:20pm)

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